My Post:

I'm going to share twitter this morning. Please share your favorite uses... with students - and for professional development. I'll post all.

My Colleagues' Responses:

These are in reverse chronological order - you might want to read from bottom to top. ;)

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  1. Marian Thacher
    Marian Thacher
    mthacher@markwagner I use Twitter to see what other educators are reading and thinking about, it's a big part of my personal learning network
  2. Lisa Coleman
    Lisa Coleman
    LJCteach@markwagner Corcoran has the best teachers!
  3. Samantha Morra
    Samantha Morra
    sammorra@markwagner Hi from NJ. Twitter is an amazing way to communicate and learn. One of the most valuable tools in my PLN.
  4. Brian Curwick
    Brian Curwick
    bcurwick@markwagner Rocking the house!
  5. Brian Curwick
    Brian Curwick
    bcurwickListening to @markwagner keynote to Corcoran Unified's entire staff in their new tech center.
  6. Colin Matheson
    Colin Matheson
    cytochromec@markwagner breaks down traditional barriers for communication/collaboration. great for finding blogs. reminds me the web is human
  7. mhammons
    mhammonsWatching @markwagner rock the room in corcoran!
  8. Jenith Mishne
    Jenith Mishne
    @markwagner had to say one more thing- love twitter for the mass collaboration ability as well as differing POVs that are here.
  9. Jenith Mishne
    Jenith Mishne
    @markwagner I use twitter to share/gain knowledge, access people I may not have been able to, news, with online students and professors too.
  10. Jill Galloway
    Jill Galloway
    @markwagner Twitter is awesome for prof dev! I get tons of resources each day without having to search - it's an efficient use of my time.
  11. New Tech Network
    New Tech Network
    newtechnetwork@markwagner twitter has helped teachers in our network to share resources very quickly. After 1 RT several schools picked up on prezi!
  12. Krista Scott
    Krista Scott
    krista_scott@markwagner Twitter is essential to my PLN! Learn so much! Needed help on Moodle and got it from a follower in the UK!

And a Few Direct Messages:

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  1. dan rezac
    dan rezac
    drezac Twitter constantly keeps me in the know about the latest tools and resources. It's like being first in the knowledge stream.
  2. Carol Anne McGuire
    Carol Anne McGuire
    rockourworldThose Tweets also serve as a beginning for storyboards for podcasts when they get back!
  3. Carol Anne McGuire
    Carol Anne McGuire
    rockourworldKids Tweet their "ah ha" moments to parents during field trips!