Integrating Technology into your Classroom with A Projector, Wireless Tablet, and Document Camera

Learn how devices such as data projectors, document cameras, and wireless tablets can not only enhance your teaching, but transform your classroom. This workshop will include both an overview of how to use these devices, and an introduction to ways they can enhance each student's learning experience. Leave with inspiring ideas you can use with your own students and access to resources that you can return to after the workshop.

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Projectors in Education

Welcome Activity

Extending Your Projector with...

  • Document Cameras (See below!)
  • Webcams, Cameras (like the Flip Video) and Digital Microscopes
  • DVD Players (or VCRs, or Video Game Consoles... anything with an RCA cable)
  • iPod with AV Cable
  • And more...

Online Media

Better Presentations

Reflection Activity

Document Cameras in Education

Welcome Activity

Overview Demo
  • Setup
  • Basic Operation
  • Teacher Use
  • Student Use
  • Innovative Tips and Tricks

Advanced Use
  • Image Capture
    • Compare Before and After
    • Use as a Scanner
  • Included Software (Mac or PC)
  • Annotation Features
    • Add Notes
    • Create Drawings
    • Highlight Important Details
    • Erase Partial Images (Like "Covering" or "Dragging" a Transparency)
    • Bonus: Split Screen Images
  • Recording Features

How Document Cameras Change The Classroom

Application: Proof-of-Concept (Time Permitting)

Reflection Activity

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Wireless Tablets in Education

Welcome Activity
  • Are you already using wireless tablets in your classroom?
  • If so, how?
  • If not, how would you like to?

Benefits - From
  • Functions are the same as a whiteboard
    • Make notes
    • Highlight text
    • Draw shapes
    • Maneuver around your computer using the pen and manipulate programs
    • Integrate images, maps, periodic tables etc.
    • The student can then be given the pen and asked to perform certain tasks
  • Portable size
  • Allows added flexibility in the size of projected image
  • No shadows cast on screen by user
  • Less expensive alternative to whiteboard

More Benefits
  • This is also a great way to get your computer (and projector) into the hands of students!
  • Great for Math, Science, Art, and other subject areas requiring non-keyboard symbols.
  • Wireless Tablets should work "plug-and-play" with a Mac.
  • Some Tablet PC software might also be valuable to you (it will have pen functionality):

Reflection Activity
  • How would you like to use wireless tablets in your classroom?
  • What are your next steps?

Online Evaluation